Recent Work

Check out our recent work! We are constantly taking on new projects and interesting jobs. Here’s just a few highlights. We are constantly taking on new projects and interesting jobs. Here’s just a few highlights.

Black Wrangler Rust

Wrangler Rust Repair & Step Bar Install Out with the old bull guard and rear bumper and in with new ones along with matching step bars. We also did some rust repair one this one. Rust repair is never a forever fix, but it can hold off your vehicles aging for awhile longer.
Cabo Wabo Yellow semi truck

Cabo Wabo

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating The Cabo Wabo semi came in looking pretty clean, but with an exterior detail, some brightwork, and a paint correction we got it looking great before sealing everything with a high quality ceramic coating.  This should make maintaining the look of such a large vehicle a ton easier.
Phil doing paintless Dent Removal using Keco glue pull repair

Dodge Charger

Paintless Dent Removal Not everything is cut and dry with paintless dent removal, because unseen obstacles can block tools from getting behind the dent to push it out.  When this happens a heavier reliance on the glue pull technique is needed.  This Charger was a challenge, but Phil managed to make this dent fall less…
Ford Galaxie hood half paint corrected

Ford Galaxie

This Ford Galaxie came in covered in scratches and swirl marks.  That’s understandable for a 55 year old vehicle.  We took some extra time to make sure it got the care it needed.  The first picture shows the difference a paint correction can do.  The customer was super happy with how it turned out.
close up Pontiac solstice headlight

Pontiac Solstice

This Pontiac Solstice got the ceramic coating treatment, but before we put that on we made sure it got a paint correction and some touch up. She sure shines now!
Acura TL in front of Alien Car Care

Acura TL

Reconditioning & Consignment Sales This Acura TL came in to be put up for sale on consignment, but needed little TL-C first.  We did a full interior detail and exterior detail.  We then did paint touch up, a paint correction, and put on the summer set of tires.  Next we repaired the torn vinyl in…
White Ford Edge close up snow

Ford Edge

Bumper Repair, Paintless Dent Repair This Ford Edge had a huge dent in the passenger side quarter panel and a chewed up bumper.  We attempted pointless dent repair on the quarter panel, but since the dent fell on a seam it made the repair more difficult.  Folds in metal often make them more resilient and…
2020 Corvette Stingray blue ceramic Coating

Stingray Corvette

This corvette came in looking amazing, but like almost all vehicles had tons of tiny scratches that were most likely present before it rolled off the car lot.  Car lots often run their brand new car through touch car washes leaving them with tons of tiny scratches that accumulate quickly and dull the paint.  We…
Rv Ceramic coating repels rain

E-Pro Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating on an RV Ceramic coatings aren’t just for cars. We can apply it to anything you want to last longer and clean easier.  Stainless steel grills,  pontoon drums, work boots, and recreational vehicles.  RV’s get dried out and weather damaged quickly.  After a few years the outside finish can look dull, tired, and…