Avoiding Unnecessary Lease Return Repair Charges

Did you know that you could get be charged for normal wear and tear on your vehicle at lease turn in?  Simple things such as door dings, key scratches, bumper scrapes, and interior wear can all add up to additional fees.

When you return your vehicle back into the lessee, you are held entirely responsible for any damages that the lease company finds and evaluates as “excessive wear and tear”.  This wear and tear is left up to the company to interpret and they will charge you for the full cost of repair – you can be assured they won’t be providing you any price discounts for repairs either.

Avoid extra charges at the end of your lease by having our technician evaluate any damages to your vehicle.  We can save you money by fixing those repairs at a much less cost before the lessee ever sees them!

Our team will examine the interior and exterior of your vehicle and provide you with a list of damages that you will be likely charged for at your lease turn in, such as : scratches in paint, door and fender dents, scuffed bumpers, or interior stains.  We will then provide you with a free estimate that offers you simple repairs to reduce expensive fines when returning your leased vehicle.

Call us today to let our technician evaluate your vehicle before it undergoes strict review at turn in time!