Our ‘Top 5’ for your Brand New Vehicle!

You did it!

Rolling off the lot with your brand new vehicle, you’re probably absolutely enamored with your purchase. All-new features, squeaky clean in and out, and oh, that new car smell! After the shock wears off, it is never too early to start thinking about how to accessorize and protect. Whether you’re a road tripper, dune climber, go fast-er, or daily driver, its best to protect your investment before the miles start adding up (and catching up)! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our Top Five services that we recommend to any new car owner. Let us help you stylize and protect your vehicle!

Starting off with…

#5: GlassParency

Never wipe again! Well…never use your windshield wipers again! GlassParency is an extremely hydrophobic substance that adheres to your windshield and makes driving in inclement weather a breeze. A one-time original application will maintain its health for 3 months, at which point the customer can come back to our shop for a FREE refresh! Ensure your windshield has unparalleled clarity through all of Michigan’s adverse weather conditions!

Next up…

GlassParency half windshield rain

Coated                    Vs.             Uncoated

#4: Vent Visors

Style and utility in a sleek, low-profile package. Not only will a set of vent visors add a little flair to your new ride, they will also allow you to keep your windows open during rain storms to prevent interior fogging. Additionally, keep your windows cracked while parked on hot summer days to maintain cool airflow and avoid any risk of dash cracking or glue separation. All this combined with a reasonable price and an easy, quick install means you’ll run out of reasons NOT to get some vent visors for your new ride!

Heading into the Top 3, we have…

#3: Undercoating

Avoid this…

…by getting some of this!

Pretty self-explanatory, no? Stop surface rust and corrosion in its tracks by sealing all exposed metal on the underside of your new vehicle. With the amount of road salt and harsh contaminants that Michiganders have their rides subjected to, this one is a no-brainer!

Securing second place on the podium is…

#2: XPEL Paint Protection Film/Window Tint

Our wide range of XPEL products will keep you nice and cool on those hot summer days, while having you full of confidence that your vehicles paint is safe and sound! Paint Protection Film will protect the covered areas from the common damage received from daily driving, including most rock chips and scratches. We offer the full suite of XPEL Window Tint, ranging all the way from your normal dyed ‘XPEL Prime CS’ tint up to the cutting-edge, nano-ceramic ‘XPEL Prime XR+’ tint. Get the full XPEL treatment on your new ride!


And finally, our highest recommended product for your new vehicle is…

Drumroll please…

The end all, be all of paint healthcare! Far surpassing any wax or sealant, Ceramic Coatings can remain healthy and effective forever if cared for properly. Experience an unrivaled glossiness and hydrophobic nature as any road dirt and grime slides right off, making cars slow, tedious car washes a thing of the past. We offer many different coating packages to suit any budget and preference, and can even ceramic boats/bikes/RVs! For all these reasons and more, Ceramic Coating takes our First Place spot on our Top 5 Services for New Cars!

We provide all of these services here at Alien Car Care. Bring your new car to us and get it prepared to handle whatever life throws at it!

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