A 1/250 Manual Toyota Supra GR

The recent revival of the coveted Toyota Supra was a point of contention among many in the car community.

Some said that, due to the BMW-sourced interior and powerplant, it did not have enough Toyota soul. Others took the car for what it was: an absolutely stunning, driver-oriented modern day sports car. Regardless of which side you fall on, these cars (when well-maintained) find themselves gaining value as time goes on due simply to the impressive quality and performance. This specific one, though, ended up being more of a treat than you may be able to tell.

Thats right, this ‘A91 M/T GR Limited’ is 1/500 GR Supra’s produced with a manual transmission. Out of that 500, this is 1/250 that came in ‘CU Later Grey.’ Due to this obvious added value, the lucky owner of this vehicle wanted to make sure it maintained its showroom quality even after being driven like, well, a sports car.

We recommended a full-body XPEL PPF application to ensure every inch of the car is amply protected from rock chips and scratching until the film comes off. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is the best and only option if you are looking to keep your vehicles paint and trim safe from the common driving hazards. Once the film was fully laid, we applied a Silver ‘SystemX’ Ceramic Package on top of it. This adds cutting-edge hydrophobic and UV protection qualities while also accentuating the stunning metallic details of the paint (from underneath the PPF!)

This gorgeous Supra left our shop ready for whatever the open road has to throw at it, and more. It will remain protected from all types of paint damage for years  to come, effectively retaining and boosting the resale value. Take a look through the images below to walk yourself through the salon treatment this lovely Toyota received.