Factory Fresh Cadillac CT5-V

It is very common that cars coming in to receive one of our Ceramic Package treatments are in need of at least a minor paint correction. This one, being almost brand new and a crisp white, was one of the few exceptions. There’s nothing better than an intensive Ceramic Coating Package to keep new cars looking new, inside and out.

This Summit White Cadillac CT5-V came to us in excellent condition and received our ‘Bronze’ System X Ceramic Package, ensuring an unrivaled paint quality for years to come. It was also treated to a full Interior Stain Guard that will ward off those tricky seat stains.

If you have a new vehicle that you would like ceramic coated, also consider one of our XPEL PPF packages to keep the commonly chipped and damaged areas 100% perfect. Keep in mind this is not a requirement and both products provide their own set of benefits. Regarding this beautiful Cadillac, the owner of this vehicle will never have to think about waxing again!