The Swedish Hot Hatch

Hailing from the Netherlands, this little Volvo was one of only several thousand to see American soil during 2011.

After being told about our consignment services, the owner of this C30 R-Design gave us a budget to make this little hatchback good as new. A thorough inspection led us to recommend and perform a paint correction, paint touch-up and a very heavy full detail. These services not only increased sellability tenfold,  they also totaled out to under the customers allotted budget while still providing the best bang-for-the-buck. This vehicle being more enthusiast-focused, what with its 6-speed manual and 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, we knew exactly where to spread the word when the time to sell came around.

After only a couple weeks of being posted on all relevant websites and groups, this happy little car sold to a very caring owner.