Improve Your Night-Vision

We’re all taught in driver’s training to walk around your vehicle and check your lights to be sure everything is in good operating condition. But let’s be honest, how often do you look at your headlights?

We rely on our headlights to keep us visible during dim light, fog and storms. We also depend on them to help us navigate the roads during our night driving. They serve a critical function- so why do we neglect them?

Blurry Night vision cars

Yellowing of headlights is a common problem that when repaired, can greatly improve your night- time driving experience. The protective covering over your headlight is made of a porous plastic and with constant exposure to heat, UV rays, and harsh chemicals, can become oxidized- creating a yellowing or foggy appearance.

Foggy headlights not only look bad, but there is a huge safety issue involved as well. The oxidation of the plastic causes the light output to be diffused. This means the beam from each headlight is weakened, and produces a reduced area of coverage. The less you can see, the more chance that you could hit something. Nationwide, 49% of fatal crashes happen at night. Fight the statistics and be sure your headlights aren’t hindering your night vision!

Headlight Restoration is often a speedy repair and very cost effective. If you notice any yellowing, fogginess, or haziness to your headlights please call us – it could save your life!