Paint Protection Plans

Waxes, Sealants, Coatings… Oh My!
Do You Know the Difference?

With all this these products on the market, it’s important that you know the difference in the protection you’re paying for.

What are Paint Protection Plans?

These packages are commonly offered through dealerships when you purchase your new vehicle. Often time, the information you are provided with on the level of protection, can be misleading. Paint Protection Plans are typically nothing more than a glorified wax application, providing very minimal protection.

A paint sealant is applied to your vehicle by a high-powered machine and provides protection for a few months, at most. Paint Protection Plans often carry a warranty against paint chips and scratches, but keep in mind that a wax or sealant is not capable of preventing either of those. Your warranty will likely cover a budget repair of these damages, after they occur. Herein lies the false idea that you are purchasing long-term, efficient paint protection with this service.

While not a “bad” concept, it may not be the best option or worth the cost involved.  Don’t get us wrong, we use high quality paint sealants on all of our exterior details, but the expectation is never for it to last more than six months or so.

What are Waxes & Sealants?

Wax is essentially a substance that can change from a solid form to a liquid, based upon temperature. Wax provides temporary protection to your paint from elements in the environment.

Sealants typically mimic a wax’s characteristics, only slightly more robust and durable than wax. They resist heat, UV rays, and environmental contaminants better than a traditional wax.

Wax and sealants alike are readily available for over the counter purchase and can be applied with little expertise and a moderate amount of labor. Waxes will typically need to be reapplied every 4-6 weeks , sometimes more frequently depending on the environment and quality of wax you apply. Sealants will typically provide 2-4 months of protection.

Less Than Impressed? Upgrade to Coatings!

If waxes and sealants leave you wanting something with more protection, less labor, and longer-lasting results, then your time and money may be better spent with a professionally installed Ceramic Coating.

Unlike traditional paint protection plans with wax and sealants, Ceramic Coatings form a permanent bond with your vehicle’s paint. This bond provides a much more durable protective layer that can withstand extreme UV rays and other environmental hazards to a greater degree. Ceramic coatings can last up to a lifetime and are 100 x’s stronger than wax…you’ll never need to wax again!

  • 9H hardness
  • High Gloss
  • Chemically Bonded
  • Professionally installed by hand
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Ultra Hydrophobic
  • Self Cleaning Effect

Now that you Know the Difference, What’s the Right Protection for You?

If you’re ready for long-lasting, high shine, ultimate protection then we’re ready to get you glossed with a ceramic coating!

New technology has carried us out of the dark ages of wax and has given us a far more superior method of protection with nano-technology ceramic coatings. We’re proud to be the first Ceramic Pro and System X Authorized Installers in the area!

Never Wax Again! We have Ceramic Coating Packages providing warranties of 3 years up to a Lifetime!  Paint protection film is another great option for protecting your paint and it can be used along with a ceramic coating.