The HIGH price of a DIRTY car

Who LOVES to wash their car? That’s right…not many of us. And why wash it, right? Tomorrow it will rain. And if rain isn’t in the forecast, it will rain as soon as you commit to a car wash anyways. We hate to break the news to you, but procrastinating on that car wash could cost you money.

In the short term, not washing your vehicle won’t cost you much: Stares from the neighbor, a punch to your confidence when you park it next to a shiny Mercedes, and the insult of someone writing “wash me” on the filthy window. In the long term, you’re probably doing your car, and your wallet, a big disservice.

An accumulation of dirt, dust, salt, and other particles are not only unsightly, but this layer of grit is continually grinding away at your vehicle’s paint. “Dirt” isn’t the only thing that regularly lands on your car either. Bird droppings, pollutants, sap from trees, and dead insects will all damage your paint over time. If these things aren’t quickly removed from your car’s surface, it’s bad news for your paint. Paint damage isn’t just an issue of aesthetics. Your paint and clear coat defend your car against the most dangerous diseases of all time: RUST!

If you start to notice small areas of rust developing (paint begins to bubble up and blister), it’s in need of repair quickly! Rust on your vehicle is like an open wound on your body, the quicker you repair it, the less chances contaminants will set in and cause more damage.

We provide full exterior detailing to help prevent accumulation of harmful substances to your paint. We can also help with areas that have already fallen prey to rust.

Call us today to protect the paint and finish on your vehicle, or call us at the first signs of rust!

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