Bumper Repair

Crack smiles, not bumpers

Let’s face it, bumper cars was a lot more fun when we were kids. (For one, the tickets are more expense now.)  Between Michigan’s winters and the increasing number of snapchat downloads, your bumper has never been more at risk. Your bumpers are often the first line of defense in an accident, making this a common area in need of repair. Damage could include cracked, broken, pushed in, or chipped bumpers.  This may be the result of a minor accident, or simply bug guts and rock chips. These occur under normal usage of a vehicle.

Unlike large body shops we repair your existing bumper rather than completely replacing it, saving you money and often resulting in a quicker turn around. In many cases we can use non-invasive techniques to preserve as much of the original paint as possible.  In the event we need to repaint, we can match your vehicle’s color exactly and repair it so only you know the damage ever occurred. If your bumper is beyond conventional body and paint repair, we may recommend a complete replacement part.  In this situation, we will order parts needed, remove and install old/new parts, and provide any necessary body/paintwork to complete your repair.

tan dodge bumper repair before

Making an insurance claim?

We can provide an estimate to your insurance company and work with them on fulfilling your repairs.  Insurance is a headache, but if you need your bumper repaired we can walk you through the file claiming process.

Have a bumper problem?  Give us a call!