Spot Repair & Blending

Don’t replace or repaint an entire panel

Replacing a panel on a vehicle can be expensive and while repairing and repainting can save you money a full repaint isn’t always necessary.  This is where spot repair and blending comes in.   Spot Blending involves minor body work and the painting of a localized area, blending the paint line into a nearby body line on your vehicle.  Rather than painting an entire panel, we can address the specific damage and blend the paint in as small of a spot as necessary.  Each repair is different, but our goal is to give you a solution that matches your budget.

Alien Car Care uses a Base-Coat Urethane blending process with BASF Diamont paints and can match any factory colors on any make and model; even some custom paints. 

Many large scratches and paint chips silver vehicle door

Think spot repair and blending is your solution?  Give us a call!