XPEL Window Tint

With XPEL Window Tint, Function meets Form and Style meets Shade

Whether you’re looking to block some sunlight or simply add a bit of flair to your ride, our XPEL Tinting services can get you where you need to be. We provide personalized packages tailored to what YOU need, including a full range of percentages and the suite of XPEL products (CS, XR, XR+). Keep the heat and harmful UV rays out, and look good doing it!

Unparalleled UV-Blocking Technology with XPEL Prime XR Plus

Prime XR Plus, the highest level and most cutting edge tint offered by XPEL, contains a proprietary blend of ceramic particles that act as a translucent solid barrier. This results in a superior 98% blocking of infrared heat and a 99% blocking of harmful UV rays, the highest in the XPEL Tint lineup. If you’re looking for the true top-of-the-line option for your vehicle, this is it.

XPEL CS: Performance easy on the pocketbook

You can’t go wrong with dyed tint when performance and price are key deciding factors. XPEL Prime CS Black holds similar UV and glare-blocking properties as the XR Plus line while still keeping you comfortable on the hotter days. As with all XPEL products, you can expect quality and effectiveness for years to come for a very reasonable price.

Finding the Perfect Tint Opacity for You

Tint Opacity, or Tint ‘VLT’ (Visual Light Transmission) measures how dark your tint will appear on your windows. For example, 30% VLT means your tint will block and/or absorb 70% of exterior light and only let 30% into your vehicle. All XPEL tints, whether it be the dyed CS or nano ceramic XR+, can be applied in a wide range of VLT’s to suit exactly what you want for your vehicle.

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