Buffing & Scratch Removal

Dulled by a thousand scratches

Tiny scratches on the surface of your vehicle’s clear coat can dull its shine and diminish its value. Rub marks, dog scratches, key marks, shopping cart damage, tree branches, and touch car washes are all common culprits to scratches in your paint.  These scratches may be repaired using a number of paint repair systems.  We use a variety of buffers, polishing tools, and compounds to bring back the shine and smoothness of your paint.  Have a single unsightly scratch?  We can address that. Have a car full of micro-swirls and marring?  We can handle that too. The results may vary with color, but we will evaluate all solutions and give you the option that best matches your budget and repair needs.

Red Tacoma white paint transfer damage and scratches

What is a paint correction?

A vehicle’s paint is most often applied in three layers; the primer, the color, and the clear coat.  Usually when a vehicle’s paint looks tired and faded it’s because damage has been done to its outmost layer, the clear coat.  Thankfully the clear coat is the thickest of the paint layers, so its rough damaged surface can be carefully smoothed with precise techniques revealing a glassy finished beneath.  The severity of the damage will determine if the paint correction will require a one, two, or three step process.  After a paint correction is completed we always recommend protecting your vehicle’s new glossy shine with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is an ultra durable, hydrophobic layer that is applied over your existing clear coat protecting it and making it easier to maintain for years to come.

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