Windshield Treatment

The Importance of Windshield Care

Safety on the road is no place for compromise. Have you ever felt like pulling over in a rainstorm because it was so difficult to see? Not anymore! Windshields are one of the most important parts of a car.  They shield us from all the elements we encounter when we’re driving- rocks, road debri, rain, sleet, snow, ice, bugs and even the fly over bird droppings.  Imagine your car without a windshield…..doesn’t sound appealing, does it?  If we’re grateful for having a windshield, why don’t we give it the attention it deserves?

Windshields are exposed year round to harsh elements, especially in Michigan.  Chips, scratches, windshield glares, dirt and debris are not only unattractive but they create a visual safety issue as well. Driving in rain and snow can be even more difficult and dangerous to do with a less than optimal windshield.   Whether it’s bright and sunny or grey and wet, a proper windshield treatment can greatly improve your visibility and driving safety especially at night.  Our Windshield Treatment will help give you the best conditions possible to handle whatever weather Michigan throws at you while you’re driving.  

Aston Martin covered in mud GlassParency windshield protected


Windshield Evaluation & Streak-Free Cleaning inside and out
  • We’ll start by examining your windshield for any chips, scratches, or cracks
  • Complete Streak-Free cleaning will reduce glares and fogginess
Wiper Exam, Cleaning, & Conditioning  
  • We’ll examine your wipers for any visible corrosion, cracks, tears, worn rubber, or loss of flexibility.  If any of the above are found, new wipers will be recommended.
  • Your wiper blades will be cleaned and conditioned to assure they make good contact with your window
Glassparency Glass Treatment
  • Application of Glassparency – an advanced, transparent glass treatment that forms a unique ultra hydrophobic barrier on your windshield
  • 3-year warranty and maintenance included!
  • Receive seasonal reminders and free windshield maintenance visits!
glassparency logo authorized installer
Glassparency Treated versus Untreated comparison

Our Windshield Treatment Package can be done while you wait! Call us to schedule your appointment today!