Paint Touch-up


Paint touch-up  is a budget friendly way to minimize the unsightly problem of small paint chips all over your vehicle. This type of paint damage tends to occur under normal usage and often as a result of rocks and debris impacting the front area of your vehicle. Our technicians use a variety of techniques- touch up pens, specialized brushes, and airbrushing depending on the location and size of the damaged area.  These chipped areas of paint, if left unaddressed, allow access for moisture to creep behind your paint, promoting rust and corrosion.  Area that have had paint touch up will still be visible, this is not a “like new” repair option, however good touch up will make the damaged areas greatly diminished from several feet away, and seal the paint to prevent rust. Paint touch us is also a fraction of the cost of a traditional paint and body repair.  Results vary, depending upon the color.

Rock chips paint touch up black GMC before

Your Paint is Taking Damage Every Time You Drive

Everyday your paint is getting peppered with rocks, sand, and debris.  Some rock chips are large and easily noticeable, but many are very small and hard to notice until there are so many they leave your vehicle with a speckled look.  Other than dulling you paint job these tiny nicks expose the underlying metal to oxidation and an increased risk to premature rusting.  If you want avoid paint touch-up in the future installing a Paint Protection Film early on can almost entirely eliminate the chance of this kind of damage.

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