Undercoating/Rust Prevention

Michigan loves its winter salt. The undersides and weak points of our cars do not. 

We are all familiar with the body panel rust that can plague our vehicles here in the salty Northern Midwest. This typically stems from unsealed weld seams along the insides of quarter panels and bedsides. What we tend not to see is the damage being done to vehicle undersides, which takes the brunt of the damage and road contaminants. Protect your automotive investment by getting an extra layer of underside protection in the form of an oil-based Undercoating and a high-quality Rust Prevention sealant along all exposed weld seams and trouble areas.

Undercoating will seal all exposed metal on the underside of your vehicle and will last indefinitely under ideal circumstances. Heavy physical damage can still break off pieces of undercoating, but these spots would be easily repaired if this was to happen. Undercoating and Rust Prevention will add value to any vehicle as it is protected from underside rust for years to come!

Keep your quarter panels quality and your fenders fine.

Undercoating will permanently protect all the exposed metal components underneath your vehicle, but your body panels will still be susceptible to rust entering the weld seams. Commonly known as the prime locations for rust to form, fenders and quarter panels are at highest risk followed closely by door bottoms and hinges. Luckily, a professionally applied sealant can protect exposed weld seams from harsh rust-causing road contaminants for years to come.

Catch it before it’s too late. Or in this case, before it falls off. 

Older vehicles may be impossible to undercoat and seal. That is to say, they may be past the point of no return. Of course, this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and more often than not we can clean off most surface rust instances. Once rust is inside the metal on your vehicle (eg. Rust holes, serious bubbling, etc), it is too far gone for us to coat/seal and will end up costing you exponentially more to repair. With that being said, getting your vehicle undercoated and sealed while it is still ‘fresh’ can prevent ANY rust and save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Coat Up and Seal the Deal. Call us today!