Windshield Chip Repair

Repair your windshield chips before they spread

Having a good view of the road is vital to you and your family’s safety. Our Alien Car Care system can repair annoying chips and small cracks restoring an unhindered view of the road! Using the best advanced resin filling system, we can guarantee the repair will not spread, turn yellow, or chip. When we are done, the chip will hardly be noticeable and in some cases completely disappear.  (depending on the severity) 

Cracks that reach a certain size typically require a new windshield, so it’s best to fix a chip when it’s small and before it has a chance to spread.  Many insurance companies offer full coverage for windshield chip repair with no penalty.  Call your insurance company to make a claim, and then call us to schedule your repair.  The best part is that it’s inexpensive and can usually be done while you wait

Windshield Chip before it was fixed by Alien Car Care

Have a windshield chip that needs to be repaired?  Give us a call!